Recent Work

  1. Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon
    The Former President, For a museum in Texas
  2. Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson
    For Louisville Sugger Museum
  3. Noah's Wife
    Noah's Wife
    Biblical Noah's Wife for a museum in Ohio
  4. Tex Johnston without hair
    Tex Johnston without hair
  5. Tex Johnston
    Tex Johnston
    Famous Test Pilot for Boeing


To receive more information regarding a portrait sculpture, commissioning artwork, or to inquire about teaching a class/seminar please call or provide specifics in an email.
See contact informations below or use social icons.
  1. TPT Graphics collaboration
    Ron and his wife Yvonne are collaborating in the creation of Graphics and lesson plans to be placed on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. Look for the exciting artwork and lessons in the very near future. Look for Squishies Clipart
  2. Gag Studios Collaboration
    Ron is Collaborating with Gag Studios, an extremely successful company creating an exciting new Beer girl and a Roller Girl. Gag Studios has a rich tradition of characters and Ron is elated to put his touch on them!
  3. New Portrait busts commissioned!
    Ron has been commissioned by Lifeformations to create two new busts. Mary Lou Williams and the Former Premier of China! look for them in the near future.